Learn about our quality standards and specifications in delivering Digital Star Maps.


Learn about how we have ensured consistent high quality Star Map Prints.


Learn about the top-notch StarMap framing workflows set by Sheen Jeem.


Top Quality Star Map Print Resolution


Impeccable resolution and detailed pixel perfect design quality.

Premium Print of a Star Map


Heavyweight museum quality paper is used with a 100 year color guarantee.

Stacked Frames of Star Maps


Hard and sleek bordered frames with a satin finish and plexiglass protection.

iPad with a Sheen Jeem New Order Notification


A 100% order accuracy rate with zero quality and specifications errors.


Our digital printing files are especially useful if you run out of time, or if you want to further edit the star map design with your own touch.

High quality & longevity are part of our customer promise. That’s why we only produce according to the fine art printing approach. This approach is described as an attempt to exhaust all possibilities of image optimization when expressing a photo. This involves optimizing image dynamics, contrast, colors, shades of grey, choosing the right color profiles and file specifications in order to guarantee a perfect print. Each digital Star Map will become your own piece of art with your unique touch.


File Formats.png .jpg .pdf
Resolution4K UHD design resolution
Pixel Perfection300 DPI (Dots Per Inch)

The final digital files are always in 300 DPI. This ensures pixel perfect print.
Dimensions4242 x 6000 pixels

Perfect for printing in any print size.
Delivery TimeRight after the order is confirmed, you will receive you Star Map within 2-3 hours.
Email DeliveryOnce the order is processed we will send the digital star map files to your email address

The JPG and PNG formats are common image formats. No installation of additional programs is required. Printers allow you to print JPG and PNG files as it is a widely used image format.

The PDF format is also a widely used printing format. In order to open the file, a PDF reader is required (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) or you can simply open it in your browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, etc.).


Our Star Map prints are our full pride at Sheen Jeem. All of our star map posters are unique and original artworks crafted with the finest materials available.

High quality & longevity are part of our customer promise. That’s why we only produce according to the fine art printing approach. This approach is described as an attempt to exhaust all possibilities of image optimization when expressing a photo. This involves optimizing image dynamics, contrast, colors, shades of grey, choosing the right type of paper and materials which emphasize the durability of our premium prints. Each print will become your own piece of art with your unique touch.


MaterialHeavy-Weight Museum-Grade Quality Print & Paper
Resolution4K UHD Design Resolution
Pixel Perfection300 DPI (Dots Per Inch)

The final prints are always in 300 DPI. This ensures pixel perfect print.
Printing MethodGiclée Superior Print
Paper Weight230g/m² (GSM)
Paper TextureSmooth
Print FinishMatt finish: Absorbs light, high saturation, and rich in color definition.
Print Ink TypeArchival UV Ink with +100 years light-proof colors.

We only use original and official UV (pigment based) inks ensuring each print faithfully reproduces the tone, temperature and colour of the original image. UV inks contain enhanced light stabilisers; offering far more durability than dye-based inks; protecting the vibrancy of your prints for over 100 years in ideal conditions.
Processing TimeUp to 3 business days to ensure the order meets our top-notch quality standards.

We are using a high quality heavyweight fine art media paper with a matte and clean finish. This museum quality paper perfectly fits our large full color star map prints.

The matte finish emphasizes the rich color tones and star map elements of your magical moment.

We process your Star Map to make sure there are no print or color defects prior to printing. We then print the Star Map, dry it, and do a quality review. If the print is not up to standard it is immediately reprinted. This process can take up to 3 business days.


Our Framed Star Maps are our best-sellers at Sheen Jeem. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, these are definitely the ones not to miss.

High quality & longevity are part of our customer promise. Each Framed Star Map will become your own piece of art with your unique touch.

We have standard sizes available in both black and white coloured borders available to order worldwide. We also manufacture custom sized Framed Star Map as per our customer demand specifications.


Material100% Fine Wood
Frame QualityFSC® certified
Frame Depth12 mm
Front Face ProtectionIncluded.

Front is protected by a transparent glass sheet composed of polystyrene. It provides increased UV protection, is extremely robust, and offers less glare than float glass. 
Frame ExtrasEmbedded metal clippers for secure fastening. Two hangers to hang the frame vertically and horizontally.
Frame CareClean with a duster.

Created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. The frame has a square, modern profile which works well in both contemporary and traditional environments. We have two colors to choose from: White or Black.

The Star Map print is dry mounted and the securely sealed in a frame. All framed prints are delivered ready for hanging directly on your walls.

We process your Star Map to make sure there are no print, frame, or color defects prior to printing. We then print and frame the Star Map, before doing a quality review. This process can take up to 3 business days. We also entertain custom framing requests for creating the Star Map you really want.


We offer a variety of sizes and formats for our Star Map prints. All of our Star Map orders can be combined with a solid wood frame. Our best seller is the framed Star Map in the size 30×40 cm. Size references are given for easy of understanding.


We continuously optimize our processes and resources for sustainability. We try to take great effort to have the best balance in a small ecological footprint while delivering the best possible shopping experience to our customers.







For every 10 Star Maps and gifts sold by Sheen Jeem we plant a tree and contribute to environmental causes.


To minimise transportation and other emissions we produce your Star Map with a local partner studio lab near you.


We help promote independent creators by curating Star Map artwork from them. This helps foster talent and development.


Q: What exactly happens after I have placed my Star Map order at Sheen Jeem?

We immediately move on to production and preparing your Star Map with extreme level of attention to detail and scientific accuracy in addition to quality control. For all Star Map orders we have multiple check levels to ensure the perfect manufacturing of our Star Maps and that they are ‘Made in Your Country‘. Afterwards, your order is dispatched from our manufacturing facility to your house via our courier partners as fast as possible.

Q: I’m need a star map immediately! Can I get a digital Star Map?

When purchasing a digital Star Map, we will send you both, a PNG and a PDF format, high quality files via email. Both files can be used as is for premium fine art printing, which is a top standard detailed pixel perfect print quality. Needless to say, normal printing works perfectly as well.

A digital file is especially useful if you are running out of time, or if you want to edit the file further or if you want want to reuse the prints for different sizes. A lot of our customers order a digital star map if they are running out of time or they are unsure of the frame/print sizes and dimensions.

We guarantee order quality so you can enjoy even the intricate details of your gift order.

Q: Do you ship in neutral packaging?

Yes, we ship your star map in a neutral packaging box.

If this is a gift you can send the star map print directly to your beloved one’s. We will not include an invoice in the packaging box. An invoice will be sent to your email which you have provided us during the checkout process. We aim to transform your gifting experience into a lifelong memory.

Q: Do you ship to my country?

We ship from your country to your country. See how we make ‘Made in Your Country‘ possible. We ship worldwide. Please find all available delivery countries, times and other information on our term of delivery and shipping information page.

We are working with multiple parcel services, in order to deliver your order as fast as possible to you. For all orders and countries parcel tracking is available. Some of our renowned delivery partners include:

  • DHL
  • DPD
  • FedEx
  • GLS
  • Royal Mail
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • La Poste
  • TCS
  • Aramex
  • M&P

In some countries, we also use ride-hailing services and apps for their package delivery services for fast, rapid, and smooth shipping. These include:

  • Careem Delivery
  • Uber Connect
  • Lyft Delivery
  • InDrive Couriers Delivery

Q: How long is the shipping?

We produce and manufacture locally that helps us in rapid fulfilment. Ultimately, delivery times depend on the courier services in each country but we try our best to predict them. You can see an accurate estimate for your country here.

Here is a summary of our estimates:
North America & Europe: 5 – 8 Days
Rest of the world: 7 – 10 Days

What people say about our Star Maps?


Read to know what reactions should you expect? See what people say about their experiences with Sheen Jeem. Feedback, Reviews, & More…

Florence White

    I bought this for my boyfriend for our first anniversary and it was his favorite present!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the product and concept! I’ve told everyone about it and would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone for a gift! ❤️

    Florence White

    London, UK

    Henrik Andersen

      I got this for my wife as a Valentine’s day present and it made her cry!! 🥹 She is so happy with the star map as I am. Extra points for attention to detail and smooth experience!

      Henrik Andersen

      Oslo, Norway

      Isabella Santoro

        I love love love this. I love how the star map turned out to be. It is perfect and it came in the mail fast and in a great sealed package to ensure a beautiful gift. I got it for my husband for our 10th year anniversary.

        Isabella Santoro

        Rome, Italy

        Olivia James

          Very unique and memorable gift that i bought for my boyfriend. 💜 To say the least, It helped me to melt a little bit of Canada.

          Olivia James

          Calgary, Canada

          Maxime Dubois

            Absolutely amazing! Easy to make, shipped fast, and well designed star magic. I’ll definitely be buying more!

            Maxime Dubois

            Paris, France

            Eva Schmidt

              A gift for my Sister and Brother in-law. She absolutely loves this constellation of their first date!!! A five +++ for sure! I will definitely buy more of this priceless gift. Perfect gift that’s both thoughtful and inexpensive to give someone

              Eva Schmidt

              Berlin, Germany

              Adam Kowalski

                Best easiest gift a man can buy for his wife. Took me all of five minutes. my wife said it was her favorite Christmas gift ever. Fast shipping and great customer service also…

                Adam Kowalski

                Warsaw, Poland

                Sofia Lopez

                  I loved the idea, and so did he when I gifted him a star map for when we first met! It arrived on time, and the quality of the picture was great! Overall, a sweet and thoughtful present for an anniversary or any other special date. 🎁

                  Sofia Lopez

                  Barcelona, Spain

                  Jonas Eriksson

                    If you are unsure about doing this! DON’T THINK TWICE! I set the date to the night I asked my girlfriend to be my girlfriend. The detail of the poster and the quality is out of this world. My girlfriend did nothing but cry!

                    Jonas Eriksson

                    Stockholm, Sweden

                    Lukas Novak

                      As soon as she saw it, seeing the date and location brought back so many wonderful memories. She was truly thrilled. This has to be the most romantic gift I have every given my wife in our 37 years of marriage.

                      Lukas Novak

                      Vienna, Austria

                      Anne Fischer

                        I bought this for my daughter and future son in law to commemorate their engagement. They LOVED it!! I couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

                        Anne Fischer

                        Munich, Germany

                        Leo Costa

                          Ticks all the boxes. – Fast delivery – Well packaged – Good quality thick paper – Good quality ink used for image – As advertised And for the personal part- it was very much appreciated by my partner for an anniversary gift.

                          Leo Costa

                          Lisbon, Portugal

                          Filippa Andersson

                            I am absolutely thrilled with the star map I ordered for my new grandson. It’s such a unique and special gift, and I haven’t seen anything like it in Europe. The item arrived exactly when promised and was packaged with great care. Thank you so much!

                            Filippa Andersson

                            Stockholm, Sweden

                            Lauri Lehtinen

                              I ordered three maps, one for my birthday, one for my wife’s birthday, and one for the date of our marriage, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the maps and frames. They look fantastic, and I believe they would make an excellent gift for anyone!

                              Lauri Lehtinen

                              Helsinki, Finland

                              Clara Fischer

                                Came earlier than expected and the quality is a 10/10. Also checked the star alignment with an astrologer friend of mine and it all matches up. My fiance had bought me one for when he first asked me to be his girlfriend and so I had to gift him too!

                                Clara Fischer

                                Stuttgart, Germany

                                Nico Müller

                                  I loved how the star map I ordered turned out! I bought it for a couple who didn’t really need money or other things you would normally give for a wedding gift. They sent mine through email and it was super easy to have printed and framed.

                                  Nico Müller

                                  Zurich, Switzerland

                                  Antoine Lefèvre

                                    I love how the website was very easy to use, it included everything the costumer might ask about and I felt their passion and honesty through their services. The idea is very meaningful and I would definitely recommend it.

                                    Antoine Lefèvre

                                    Nice, France

                                    Charlotte Martin

                                      I ordered a A3 print as a Valentine gift for my husband (I’m not the lovey-dovey, mushy type so this was a big deal!). My print was based on the stars over our city at 3pm, on the 11th of July, 2009 (our wedding). I actually managed to make my husband tear up

                                      Charlotte Martin

                                      Lyon, France

                                      George Parker

                                        I am blown away by the quality of the star map featuring London’s skyline. I was looking for a unique gift for my sister’s birthday and this was the perfect choice. She was thrilled with amused by the entire surprise and unique concept..

                                        George Parker

                                        Nottingham, UK

                                        Sofie Lemaire

                                          First of all, the star map was absolutely gorgeous and the customer service was first rate. I bought the map as a gift for Christmas, and it was so fantastic to have the option of receiving the file as a PDF the very same day I ordered it!!!

                                          Sofie Lemaire

                                          Brussels, Belgium

                                          Elise Andersen

                                            Ordered one for my bf as one of his bday presents. Concept seemed intriguing and was very easy to navigate website! And it was HUGE deal for my bf! Trust me you won’t regret if you make this choice! 😇

                                            Elise Andersen

                                            Copenhagen, Denmark

                                            Claudia Bianchi

                                              Exceeded expectations . I bought it for my parents as a reminder of their wedding night and they absolutely loved it! Totally pulled in their heartstrings 💘 I am buying another one to commemorate the birth of my niece. So yes, love the product!!

                                              Claudia Bianchi

                                              Milan, Italy